Código 1530 and Playboy Spirits Launch a Second Edition of Rare Hare Añejo Conejo

by Phillip Galyean

Award-winning Código 1530 tequila is releasing another limited edition Añejo with the iconic lifestyle brand, Playboy. This second edition of Código 1530 Rare Hare Añejo Conejo embodies the elegance and sophistication of both Código 1530 and Playboy. As a tribute to the first issue of Playboy magazine in 1953, only 1,953 bottles of this Código 1530 limited-edition release will be produced. This extremely rare second edition is part of a collaboration with Rare Hare.

Rare Hare Añejo Conejo is first aged in French White Oak Cabernet wine barrels for 18 months, then finished in French Cognac casks for an additional six months; another innovative double-barrel release from Código 1530. Tasting notes include a distinct bouquet of woody caramel and French vanilla, as well as smooth lingering flavors of light floral honey, roasted pecans, and stone fruit notes. Each bottle is individually numbered, comes in an antiqued wooden box handcrafted in Mexico, and includes two stemmed Riedel tequila tasting glasses. This Rare Hare Añejo Conejo is bottled in a black crystal bottle with an etched logo and label. 

“The first collaboration between Código 1530 and Playboy was so well-received that we wanted to create another collaboration,” said Ron Snyder, CEO of Código 1530. “The second edition of Rare Hare Añejo Conejo features double-barrel finishing, using both Cognac casks and French white oak cabernet wine barrels. The Cognac finish adds balance and depth with hints of cumin and dried plum to the Añejo profile.”

“After the success of our first Rare Hare Añejo Conejo offering, we are excited to release our second edition of this very special tequila,” said Jared Dougherty, Playboy President of Strategic Partnerships. “This edition of Rare Hare Añejo Conejo comes on the heels of additional ultra-premium product launches from Rare Hare and Playboy Spirits.”

The first collaboration between Código 1530 and Playboy Spirits was an añejo tequila finished in a Spanish Sherry barrel, producing more of a sweet dark cherry finish. This second edition, finished in a French Cognac cask, provides more complex spice notes with hints of leather and plum. Bottled at 88 Proof (44% Alc./Volume), Rare Hare Añejo Conejo will retail for $990.00 and will be available for purchase at select purveyors of fine spirits for a limited time.

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