Chambers Bay Distillery

Contact Information

Chambers Bay Distillery was founded in University Place, Wash. by Jeff Robinette and Alan Davis in 2012. We began operations as a fully licensed distillery in May 2014. As our mission statement indicates, we’ve set a high bar for the spirits we’re developing.

How we define a uniquely extraordinary spirit

  • Made with the highest quality ingredients
  • Consists of at least one unique and highly desirable characteristic
  • Packaged cleverly and distinctively
  • Incorporates a compelling back story

These are the characteristics we believe most critical to successful spirit brands.

Most importantly, we plan to create spirits which we our passionate about because, if successful, our enthusiasm will show through to our partners and customers—significantly enhancing our chances of building strong brands and a successful business. Our long-term goal is to make the best whiskey in the World.