Jackson Hole Still Works

Contact Information
3940 South Eagle View Drive , Wyoming 83001, United States

Good friends, owners, and partners Chas Marsh and Travis Goodman are passionate about creating the highest quality grain-to-glass craft spirits, capturing the hard work ethic of the western frontier into every bottle they produce. Each small batch is produced by hand at Jackson Hole Still Works starting from local Wyoming-sourced grains and crisp mountain water. They want to make sure you are enjoying their products as much as they enjoyed making them.

What is Grain to Glass? This means that Chas and Travis have total control over every aspect of the distillation process from sourcing regionally farmed grains, milling grain in house, mashing and fermentation, distillation, aging and bottling…ALL IN HOUSE. No stage of the process is farmed to an outside company that’s potentially miles away. When it comes to grain to glass operations, many argue that the individual attention paid to the process yields a better product.