Kevin Hart Introduces Gran Coramino Reposado Tequila

by Phillip Galyean

On the heels of Gran Coramino Tequila’s 2nd anniversary, founders Kevin Hart and 11th-generation tequila producer Juan Domingo Beckmann are expanding the portfolio to enter the rapidly growing Reposado segment. Gran Coramino Reposado tequila is the brand’s third expression and combines over 250 years of tequila-making expertise and innovation with a relentless dedication to quality. The result is a Reposado that sets itself apart by delivering the complexity of an aged tequila paired with a long, smooth, brandy-laced finish.

“I know we’ve created a product unlike anything else in the Reposado category,” said co-founder of Gran Coramino, Kevin Hart. “When we started our process of developing Gran Coramino Reposado, I told the team that it had to deliver the same smooth and slightly sweet finish that people love in our Cristalino and Añejo variations, and I meant it. I wanted to bring something new to the category and show people that they deserve a high standard of quality at a more accessible price.”

Gran Coramino Tequila is made with a commitment to quality and excellence at every stage of the production process and is expertly crafted by a team led by founder Juan Domingo Beckmann, one of few multi-generational Mexican producers. From owning its agave fields, harvesting at peak maturity, and employing innovative maturation processes, each bottle delivers an exceptional tequila experience. The partnership between world-class businessman Kevin Hart and world-class tequilero Juan Domingo Beckmann has been the main driver for Gran Coramino’s rapid growth, launching three unique, high-quality expressions in only a few years on the market.

“Our quality standard is built upon a centuries-long technique and perfecting a process that guarantees an unparalleled smoothness,” said Juan Domingo Beckmann, Founder of Gran Coramino Tequila. “Gran Coramino Reposado has a unique taste due to its blend with Extra Añejo tequilas matured in Brandy barrels. The resulting tequila delivers a complex agave aroma and slightly sweet wine finish, making it an approachable aged tequila for our audience to discover.”

The new Reposado variation is 100% agave tequila crafted from the piñas (hearts) of hand-selected Blue Weber agaves picked at peak maturity, then slowly roasted in traditional brick ovens for up to 40 hours at La Rojeña Distillery in Tequila, Mexico – the oldest distillery in Latin America. The fermented juice is double distilled for smoothness, aged for months in new American and French white oak barrels, and then expertly blended with Extra Añejo tequila matured in brandy barrels. The result is a golden honey-colored Reposado with an incredibly smooth and complex flavor that ends with a unique brandy-laced finish.

The “Hard Work Tastes Different” brand ethos is inspired by both founders’ strong work ethic and is reflected in each Gran Coramino Tequila expression. Gran Coramino Reposado will continue to support the vision to celebrate life’s hard-earned moments by donating $1 from every bottle sold to support the hard work of underrepresented small business owners across the U.S. and Mexico.

The introduction of Gran Coramino Reposado solidifies the brand’s position as a challenger in the tequila industry, entering its third year as a top-five category share driver since its launch. Whether sipped neat, on the rocks, or mixed into your favorite cocktail, Gran Coramino Reposado promises to elevate every occasion.

Gran Coramino was created and developed by Kevin Hart, Global Brand Equities, and Proximo Spirits. Gran Coramino Reposado is available now in 375ML and 750ML bottles on and select retailers nationwide for a suggested retail price of $39.99 for 750ML.

Gran Coramino is a tequila brand founded by two world-class masters of their crafts, Juan Domingo Beckmann and Kevin Hart. As entrepreneurs and tequila lovers, Juan and Kevin first bonded in Tequila, Mexico over their passion for what tequila is and can be, as well as their shared values and desire to innovate the tequila category. The Gran Coramino portfolio consists of three high-quality tequila expressions; Reposado, Cristalino, and Añejo, produced in the heart of Tequila Valley. Gran Coramino commits $1 from every bottle sold to support the hard work of underrepresented small business owners across the U.S. and Mexico. To date, Gran Coramino has disbursed over $1,000,000 USD in grant funds to over 100 Black and Latinx small business owners through the Coramino Fund. Gran Coramino® Tequila. 40% Alc./Vol. (80 proof). Trademarks owned by Gran Coramino LLC. ©2024 Gran Coramino, Jersey City, NJ. Please drink responsibly.

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