Mackmyra Launches Destination Swedish Single Malt Whisky

by Phillip Galyean

Mackmyra Destination is a limited single malt whisky aged in port wine casks. The release is based on a recipe that pushes the boundaries of the fuller-bodied spirit aged in American white oak casks, with depth from the port wine casks, while the typical bourbon casks add balance and harmony. A new classic whisky character from the pioneering Swedish distillery. Topped with butterscotch, and lively notes of cherry and blackberry.

Mackmyra has various destinations around the globe. Which includes the Whisky Village, the heart and home of the distillery in Gävle, and storage sites around Sweden, Germany and on the Seine River in Paris created experiences that contribute strongly to Mackmyra’s development and leadership in the category of New World Whisky.

Mackmyra Destination is an un-smoked or elegant whisky that has largely been aged in casks that previously stored port wine. These casks give the whisky deep notes of red grapes, raisins and a beautiful chestnut colour. Along with American oak casks that contribute notes of vanilla fudge. The finished result is balanced yet complex and full-bodied whisky. This whisky is an invitation in liquid form to epicureans around the world to join Mackmyra in creating new experiences in any destination.

Mackmyra Destination

Limited range of 10,000 bottles
Available as of: 28th September 2022
Alcohol by volume: 48.7%
RRP: £ 69/€ 79/SEK 799

Mackmyra Destination is a single malt whisky where a large part of the whisky is aged in port wine casks

  • 33% Ex. Portwine casks, 600 l
  •  33% American oak, 200 l
  •  25% Ex. Bourbon, 200 l
  •  9% Oloroso casks, 200 l

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