Alfred Giraud French Malt Whisky Releases New Voyage Expression To The US

by Phillip Galyean

Alfred GIRAUD, the premium portfolio of refined, elegant French Malt Whiskies, is proud to introduce Alfred GIRAUD VOYAGE® French Malt Whisky to the US market as the first release in the brand’s new “Exploratory Range.” Available in select markets beginning November 2021 with a suggested retail price of $180.00, this rare, luxury whisky will see an annual worldwide release of just five casks.

Daring and innovative, VOYAGE creates a one-of-a-kind expression that personifies the unique tastes of France. Cellar Masters Georges Clot and Gaetan Mariolle reach the perfect balance by marrying two of the best French single malts, one leaning on fruity notes and the other on cereal notes. Each is matured in casks with bold characteristics: new French Robinia casks, a powerful and rare wood found locally in France imparting strong white floral notes, and Sauternes wine casks sourced from nearby French producers bestowing sweet matured grape notes. The whisky sees its final aging in ex-cognac casks before bottling.

“We are thrilled to bring the first of our Exploratory Range, VOYAGE, to our audience of discerning whisky enthusiasts in the United States,” says Philippe Giraud, fifth generation GIRAUD family member and first-generation proprietor of Alfred GIRAUD French Malt Whisky. “This series represents the Giraud family’s dedication to innovation and craftmanship, highlighting our finest single malts matured in distinctive and unusual casks not usually seen in whisky aging, with exciting results. We are so proud to introduce this beautiful expression of distinctly French Whisky, crafted from the precise, expert eye of our Cellar Masters Georges Clot and Gaetan Mariolle.”

The GIRAUD Exploratory Range is a series of rare, limited whiskies that see only periodic and exclusive releases at the Giraud family’s discretion. These expressions aim to push the boundaries of whisky production by blending the finest single malts in rare and distinctive woods as well as ex-wine and spirits casks sourced from all over France by the Giraud family. Each exudes a refined and elegant balance, only achieved by decades of blending experience and expertise.

Alfred GIRAUD VOYAGE joins HERITAGE ($155.00 SRP; a blend of three non-peated French malt distillates matured in extra-old cognac, new French Limousin and American oak casks) and HARMONIE ($190.00 SRP; a blend of two non-peated and one slightly peated French malt distillates matured in extra-old cognac, new French Limousin and American oak casks) in the Alfred GIRAUD portfolio. The portfolio is available in select high end retailers in New York, Florida and California.

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