Laphroaig Debuts the Elements Series, Revealing a New and Unexpected Side to Islay’s Most Characterful Whisky

by Phillip Galyean

Islay, 17th October 2023: Islay distillery Laphroaig today unveils Elements, a new series that delves into the artistry of production that makes Laphroaig’s whisky so richly flavoured and characterful.

To create Elements 1.0, the Laphroaig distillery team were given free rein to produce something unexpected that embodies the traditional Laphroaig profile, while adding new dimensions of flavour.

Three experiments have been brought together to create this unique whisky. Firstly, the combination of a cloudy and semi-cloudy wort brings forward more tropical fruit notes, without compromising on the signature peat that makes Laphroaig so richly flavoured. Secondly, the distillers used both an 8.5-tonne and an 11-tonne mash, combining the past and the present of distillery production norms. And finally, the whisky uses 100% Islay malt, capturing the essence of the distillery’s home in a way rarely seen in Laphroaig spirit.

Once combined, these three experiments create a whisky that is distinctly Laphroaig but with a unique twist. Fresh sea salt, smoky bacon and charred pineapple on the nose lead to a palate of peppery spice, tropical fruits and liquorice. On the finish, the famous peatiness of Laphroaig shines with a lingering sweetness.

Barry MacAffer, distillery manager for Laphroaig, commented, “Elements is a series that we hope will give our Friends a peek into the art and science of making Laphroaig. Our distillery profile is so iconic and we always want to retain this as the heart ofevery bottle, while allowing room to experiment and innovate. This first release showcases the raw materials we use in our whisky, especially the 100% Islay malt. As an Islay native this is an extra exciting whisky that I think will bring a little bit of our rugged island to Friends around the world.”

As the series evolves, each expression will feature a series of easter eggs on pack that catalogues the experiments that have gone into making each bottle and the hands behind them, allowing drinkers an unrivalled glimpse into the artistry and science of the whisky-making process.

This is the first expression in the series with more to follow in 2024. Available from select specialist retailers.

Bottled at 58.6% ABV

Nose: Fresh sea salt, smoky bacon with notes of strawberry jam and charred pineapple in addition to bonfire embers

Palate: Spicy and peppery with hints of tropical fruit, cloves and liquorice

Finish: Warming and smoky, leading to a sweet, drying and long peated finished

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