Whistlepig Homestock was created by the refined tastes of thousands of palates through a virtual blending event to select the perfect combination of Rye, Wheat, and Barley. This expression was created to celebrate life and lift spirits in the unprecedented time of social distancing in Spring 2020.

We were honored to take part in this event and our complimentary bottled just arrived today. Find our review below. Cheers!

Tasting Notes:

Nose- Singed wood and peppery spice transition into scents of warm caramel and thick butterscotch along with toasted grain sitting in sunshine.

Palate- Lovely coating of melted butter on freshly warmed bread with a delicate drizzle of honey.

Finish- Pleasantly smooth full-bodied flavor that bundles up into a blanket of heat before giving a bite of spice to finish the job.

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