Teeling Irish Single Pot Still Whiskey Review

by Stephen Hunt

Opening the first new Distillery in Dublin for over 125 years is no small feat, and to open it just down the road from where your family opened their first small craft distillery in 1782 is a good indication of intentions to keep the traditions of Irish whiskey alive.  Single pot stilled with a blend of 50% malted and 50% unmalted barley, coming in at 92 proof.  A new whiskey made in the eye of full Irish heritage.

A light straw color that leads into a nose of ginger snaps and dried pineapple.  On the palate a strong herbal and almond note is quickly covered by the overwhelming ethanol content.  Not quite as coppery as most pot stilled whiskeys, though it does have a waxy texture that coats the mouth and leaves a taste akin to buttered toast that’s gotten cold enough for the butter to congeal.  Overall it showed some real promise and is exciting to have something new in Irish whiskey that is unique to the distiller it came from.

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