Desert Door Texas Sotol Review

by Evangelina Galyean

Using wild-harvested Texas Sotol plants that have matured for 10-15 years, Desert Door honors the ancient ways of the desert natives through each step in their production process. Transforming a weed-like desert shrub into it’s resurrected form of a forgotten spirit, the drink is both versatile and complex, easily replacing the usual round-up of neat sippers and mixers.

Nose- citrus hard candy, honey, rich moist earth

Palate- Light and creamy, very soft and gentle on the tongue. Slight bitter citrus peel notes mix with a barely there spice and hints of ash dusted earth. Very interesting texture and taste that is neither thick or thin and holds many subtle flavors that you just can’t pin down which begs for another taste.

Finish– Smooth and simmering heat with more sprinkles of earth and sugar.

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