Kavalan Launches Solist French Wine Cask

by Phillip Galyean

Kavalan’s latest “secret” château wine cask has been exclusively-released in Taiwan’s Kavalan stores and the Kavalan Distillery gift shop. 

The enigmatic Solist French Wine Cask Single Cask Strength Single Malt Whisky, which has been fully matured in a French wine barrel, is bottled at 750ml with an RRP of NT$6,600. 

Kavalan’s four boutique stores across Shanghai will release an engraved “Shanghai Special Release” edition of the bottle at an RRP of RMB¥2,088. 

Product description: 

Solist French Wine Cask is aged in an exclusive red wine cask from a superb French winery with a rich composition of subtropical fruits, cocoa, and tannins. The mastery of this fine dram lies in its rich layers of sweetness, well-balanced acidity, and sprinkle of mineral saltiness.

Colour: Plum compote

Nose: Begins with a concentrated mélange of pomegranate, soft honey, and deep tannins, complimented by the rich aromas of sweet melon, guava, and apple. Next, a backdrop of tropical fruitiness, passion fruit, and soft peony-floral notes are overlaid by a powerful rush of luxurious dark chocolate, dried fruits, blackberry, black cherry and grape.

Palate: On the tongue, a captivating vanilla sweetness and subtle saltiness prime the taste buds for the chewy fig and luscious plum that push to the fore. These flavours give way to the mouth-drawing taste of fresh juicy grape and ripened melon. Long but fresh in the finish, perfectly balanced, with the taste of lingering melon syrup leaving you desirous of more.

Finish: The overall flavour is delicate and elegant, with an impressively strong finish.

“Kavalan Boutique Stores”

The latest Shanghai boutique store opened at the Shanghai Suhe Centre Green Park complex on October 13. Also in Shanghai within the “Tian An 1000 Trees”, designed in a collaboration with Tian An Group and British designer Thomas Heatherwick, is our concept store. Subtle copper and wood design details take inspiration from whisky oak casks and copper stills. The green backdrop represents the fertile Lanyang Plain, the home of Kavalan in Yilan County. The distillery’s water source, the Snow Mountain range, is silhouetted on the counter and walls. In Taiwan today, there are nearly 50 stores including the iconic Kavalan Bar & Shop inside

Taiwan’s landmark building “Taipei 101”. Opened in August 2021, it offers Kavalan’s complete spirits range alongside whisky flights and cocktails. The very first Kavalan Store opened in Taipei City in March 2009.

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