El Pintor Mezcal Ensamble Review

by Daniel Galyean

A balance of science and art. That describes the two breeds of spirit produced by the brand El Pintor. Guided by the skills and knowledge of Maestro Tequilero Guillermo Barrosso, who holds the title honored among a group of craftsmen that number less than 10 in the world, the brand has created two distinctively unique spirits produced within Mexican territory using both modern tools and traditional methods.

The brand’s Mezcal Ensemble is a duo of agave born in Yautepec, Oaxaca. A mixture of both Espadin and Wild Cuishe agaves, each taking in the terroir of the land of their birth and infusing it within the liquid they produce to offer a variety of flavors and aromas that delight the senses. Traditionally crafted using a tahona mill for grinding, an earthen pit for cooking and natural indigenous yeasts to ferment before its double distillation in a handcrafted copper pot still.

El Pintor Mezcal Ensamble Tasting Notes

Nose- heavy smoke and char, mashed sugary pinas

Palate- ash hits first then a slight tang and bitterness similar of lime peel, followed by simmering sugar water

Finish- smoke that lingers and swirls with a soft sweetness. Smooth swallow.

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