Ardbeg Releases a New 25 Year Old Permanent Expression

by Daniel Galyean

Beginning in January 2021,  Ardbeg will release the oldest and most prestigious expression yet to join its permanent range of whiskies in the U.S. market. 

Ardbeg 25 Years Old is a supreme single malt that proves unequivocally that age cannot tame Ardbeg’s smoky power, but it can yield some of the most complex and majestic flavors ever to emerge from the Distillery. It offers whisky lovers the opportunity to experience Ardbeg at its most intricate, balanced and beguiling. 

The spirit was distilled during the 1990s, at a time when the Ardbeg Distillery was only producing a trickle of new make spirit every year. Ardbeg from this period is therefore extremely rare, but the whisky creation team deemed that after a quarter of a century, the malt was so exquisite that it should be bottled and released as a permanent expression – albeit in limited quantities.

Fittingly for such a precious whisky, Ardbeg 25 Years Old is presented in a unique gun metal bottle encased in a beautifully intricate metal ‘cage’ – a modern take on the classic Ardbeg knotwork, and symbolic of the untamed complexity of this extraordinary whisky.

Ardbeg’s Whisky Creator, Dr Bill Lumsden, said: “After a quarter of a century in the cask, you’d be forgiven for imagining that Ardbeg 25 Years Old would have lost some of the hallmark Ardbeg smoky punch. I can assure you it hasn’t. And yet there’s also a remarkable complexity and elegance to this whisky that I find utterly captivating. It’s unmistakably Ardbeg, but unlike any Ardbeg you’ve tasted before.”

Ardbeg 25 Years Old will be released worldwide from January 2021. A limited number of bottles will be available in Sweden from November 2020. 


Bottled from incredibly rare casks filled during the 1990s, this supreme expression is Ardbeg at its most intricate, balanced and beguiling.

ABV: 46% 


Bright Amber


A pungent burst of smoked cream, peppermint and toffee, with Ardbeg’s classic fennel and pine resin. Distant earthy bonfires mix with herbal and fruity (banana and tropical) notes, along with fragrant candle wax. 


An extremely vibrant, hot peppery mouthfeel leads into a burst of sherbet lemon sweetness (candied apples, pears and orange), hints of carbolic soap and tar, more creamy toffee, aniseed and chilli pepper.


A long, mellow, lingering aftertaste, with lots of cream, fudge and delicate antiseptic notes. An elegant, soothing style of Ardbeg.

SRP: $850.00

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