Bowmore Announces Launch of Rare Arc-52 Single Malt Scotch Whisky In The US

by Phillip Galyean

Bowmore® Single Malt Scotch Whisky today announces the arrival of ARC-52, an exceptionally rare release of 52 Year-Old single malt, to the US market. Bowmore ARC-52, the most recent release in the storied partnership between Bowmore and Aston Martin, is sold in a cutting edge, strikingly futuristic and inspiring decanter – an appropriate homage to the oldest and rarest release to date from the two luxury brands. Just 100 decanters of Bowmore ARC-52 exist in the world, representing a highly exclusive, limited release and the height of achievement in collaborative bottle design.

Crafted with consideration over decades, Bowmore understands how every decision influences the final character of its whisky, and how time passed has shaped today. Rooted in intentionality, Bowmore curates every last drop of whisky released, adding depth and distinction of flavor to each multi-dimensional single malt. It is this precise ethos which has produced ARC-52 – one of the oldest Bowmore whiskies ever released and a true coming together of heritage and innovation. At its heart, ARC-52 is a celebration of how Bowmore and Aston Martin champion constant evolution and ingenuity to provoke, inspire and excite appreciators of true luxury. 

Ron Welsh, Master Blender, Bowmore, said “A Bowmore as exquisite and complex as this 52-Year-Old is testament to the skill of our distillery team and their commitment to optimizing the time spent in cask to create such an incredible spirit. The complexity of the ARC-52 single malt is unquestionable and to achieve such perfect balance not only defines its physical form but unites beautifully in every drop of this stunning whisky. Working with Aston Martin remains hugely rewarding and fascinating for me. It continues to inspire and show us a different way of working, with absolute precision, and has allowed us to create what, in my opinion, is the best Bowmore over 50 years old that I’ve ever tasted.”

Marek Reichman, Chief Creative Officer, Aston Martin, said, “ARC–52 sits at the apex of our partnership, truly showing the depth of what we can create collaboratively. We set out to produce something which hasn’t been seen before, capturing our uncompromised design principles and also the magnificence of the whisky. I believe that what we have created is truly a piece of sculpture. Taking balance as the most important factor, as we do in designing Aston Martin cars, we’ve harnessed heritage and innovation in perfect balance. For me there is just so much to discover with this whisky as it embodies so much hidden knowledge – even the color looks like it’s been created by time.”

The ARC-52 bottle explores the ideas of balance, capturing perfect stability combined with definitive intensity – the very same approach Aston Martin takes to design a vehicle. The process relied on the exacting principals of the latest 3D printing technology and hand-crafted clay modelling to craft a meticulously engineered, bespoke magnetic key which releases the striking aluminium top almost by magic, whilst maintaining sleek, clean lines on individually hand-blown glass.

Matured for a remarkable 52 years in a marriage of two cask styles in two exact parts, 50% American Oak Hogshead and 50% European Oak Butt, ARC-52 Single Malt promises unquestionable complexity and a perfect achievement of balance. The whisky captures the classic Bowmore character with herbal and medicinal notes combined with exotic fruits, praline and butterscotch to finish. Creamy and fruity aromas of vanilla and custard cream are carefully balanced with peach, pear, kumquat, mandarin, a hint of guava with herbal notes of fresh mint and eucalyptus. On the palate, the whisky continues to evolve as flavors of green grapes and peach melba, clementine, lime zest merge seamlessly alongside nutty notes of almond and hazelnuts, whilst tobacco leaves give way to a subtle peat ash and buttery character.

The first in a new inspiring series, just 100 decanters of Bowmore ARC-52 are available globally with US availability in the NYC and LA markets, at an SRP of US $75,000 (ex VAT/duty) beginning in September 2022.

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