Catoctin Creek Releases Annual Rabble Rouser Rye

by Daniel Galyean

Catoctin Creek Distilling Co., The Virginia Rye Whisky ℠, is releasing its annual Rabble Rouser Bottled in Bond Rye Whisky on Monday, Feb. 8. One of Catoctin Creek’s most sought-after whiskys, owners Scott and Becky Harris are excited to offer over 100 cases nationwide, which is double what was available last year.

“Due to better planning and growing reserves, Becky and I are really excited to offer more Rabble Rouser this year,” said co-founder and general manager, Scott Harris. “Because it’s been so limited in the past, this may be the first time a lot of folks will be able to purchase it, and we’re looking forward to hearing what they think!”

Bottled at 100 proof and aged for four years, Rabble Rouser is distilled from 100% rye at a lower proof, which captures a lot of extra flavors typically lost to the pot stills. Its extensive tasting notes provide a rustic profile that pays homage to the history that rye whisky played in the state of Virginia, including nectarines, clover, honey, deep earthy spice, forest, sandalwood, uncured bacon, white peaches, peanuts, and a hint of mesquite.

Catoctin Creek’s Rabble Rouser (100 proof/50% ABV) $99/750mL will be available through a limited number of select fine retailers throughout the distillery’s national distribution footprint beginning Monday, Feb. 8. It will also be on sale in Catoctin Creek’s online store for curbside pickup or direct shipping in Virginia only. VIP members may call the distillery to obtain a bottle any time before the release date. For more information, call (540) 751-3294 or visit

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