Come for the Mountain, Stay for the Whiskey

by Phillip Galyean

Nestled in Mammoth Village, in California’s Eastern Sierra Nevada Mountains, sits Shelter Distilling. It is a working distillery, brewery and kitchen open to guests seven days a week. While many come for the mountain, upon learning of Shelter, they stay for the whiskey.

“The mountain attracts some of the best visitors in the world,” said Shelter Distilling Co-Founder and Director of Marketing & Branding, Matt Hammer. The distillery and our spirits are a labor of love for the entire Shelter family. It also reflects our love for adventure. The only thing that comes close to the joy of ripping down the mountain, is settling down with one of our premium whiskies and recapping the day with friends.”

Thousands make the pilgrimage to Mammoth Village annually. From hikers and bikers, to skiers and snowboarders, this mountain tops many an adventurer’s bucket list. While the outdoor activity may be the initial draw to the mountain, folks soon find there is much more to this area. Topping the list of unforeseen pleasures is Shelter Distilling and their unique collection of premium California whiskies.

Shelter boasts four flagship whiskies with a strong and loyal fanbase that continues to grow. Along with their presence at the distillery, they are now on retail shelves across the Golden State. If you are looking for a little insight on these hand-crafted gems, allow us to give you the scoop.

American Single Malt Whiskey
Shelter American Single Malt Whiskey is a double pot distilled whiskey, rested on Hungarian Oak, then aged in American Oak barrels. The Oak aging imparts notes of vanilla, stone fruit and spice. This expression is 90 proof and retails for $49.99.

Small Batch Blue Corn Bourbon
Shelter Small Batch Blue Corn Bourbon is not your typical Bourbon, it’s a celebration of the American West. We use Non-GMO Heirloom California Blue Corn, grown with water from the snowpack of the Sierra Nevada, that is cultivated for its flavor, not cattle feed. Masterfully blended from two-three hand-selected barrels, our small batch bourbon imparts signature flavors of birthday cake, vanilla and maple. This bourbon checks in at 90 proof and retails for $49.99.

Single Barrel Blue Corn Bourbon
Shelter Single Barrel Blue Corn Bourbon is crafted in the same manner as small small batch bourbon. Along with great attention to detail, Shelter never uses GMO grains. The key component of all Shelter whiskies is pure Sierra Nevada water—making for smooth sipping bourbon experience. This gem of a whiskey boasts 92 proof and retails for $69.99.

“I am excited to share our American Single Malt and Blue Corn Bourbons with more people. Our distillers have worked hard to create wonderful tasting whiskies that give people a unique tasting experience,” said Master Distiller Jason Senior. “We start with High Sierra snowmelt water then focus on ingredients grown for flavor such as our Colorado Malted Barley and California Blue Corn to create the base of our flavor profiles. We build on those tasty base flavors using modern fermentation techniques, different types of wood and high Alpine aging in traditional American Oak barrels to finish off these great whiskies. Whiskey fans will not be disappointed.”

About Shelter Distilling
Shelter Distilling is a purpose-driven distillery, brewery, and kitchen that passionately creates innovative, progressive spirits through methods that mirror the grand nature of the Eastern Sierra. We are a distillery of many talents yielding a variety of one-of-a-kind liquors, including exceptional whiskies, gin, bourbon, agave and specialty spirits along with canned cocktails and beer – all with unforgettable flavors. Shelter is committed to using the purest, snowmelt Alpine water, top-quality, locally foraged ingredients and an adventurous spirit melded with traditional distilling principles, modern techniques and a hefty dose of experimentation. Our passion, purpose and quality results in distinct flavors that truly deliver an experience that exemplifies the spirit and aura of outdoor lifestyle well-lived.

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