Compass Box Myths & Legends

by Daniel Galyean

Compass Box has recently released the The Myths & Legends series. Comprised of a trio of single malt scotch whiskies that address three common misconceptions among whisky drinkers. Expect to see these hit the shelves very soon!

Compass Box Myths & Legends I

Myths & Legends I highlights how blending furthers our understanding of distillery character. Two parcels of malt whisky from the same Northern Highland distillery tasted markedly different: the younger parcel was malty and citrusy, the older one much creamier with a ripe fruit character. Each parcel revealed only one facet of the distillery’s personality. By combining them, we have created a whisky full of fragrance with a more rounded complexity. The designation of “single malt” is almost incidental; to us, I is all about the blend.

Compass Box Myths & Legends II

Myths & Legends II blends together malt whiskies of different ages from a single Speyside distillery. In addition to the aromas of tropical fruits and butterscotch you will also discover subtle savoury notes and spiciness. This distinctive character has nothing to do with “Speyside”; process decisions made at the distillery, the effects of maturation, and our own choices regarding the final blend are the most significant factors. Clues as to a whisky’s flavour lie in the glass, not the distillery’s region.

Compass Box Myths & Legends III

For Myths & Legends III we have taken some of the same parcels of malt whisky used in II and added peated malt whiskies from a pair of celebrated island distilleries. Thanks to them, II’s flavours of tropical fruits and butterscotch are now further enriched by a deep and enchantingly aromatic peat profile. Never blend the famous names? The breadth of complex flavours found in Myths & Legends III dismantles such superstitious thinking.

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