Compass Box Peat Monster Arcana Revealed

by Daniel Galyean

Compass Box Peat Monster Arcana investigates how smoky whisky interacts with French oak. We began with a cask strength version of The Peat Monster – our blend of smoky malt whiskies – which we then filled into three once-used casks fitted with heavily toasted French oak heads. Following extended aging, we discovered that two of the casks imparted extra creaminess and toasty spice, while the contents of the third became fruitier and chocolatey.

To build upon the curious influences of these refilled custom casks, we have used malt whiskies never seen in The Peat Monster before. The majority of the recipe comprises waxy and delicately smoky malt whisky from the Talisker Distillery, while small amounts of malt whisky from the Ardbeg and Miltonduff Distilleries lend flavors of tarry peat and a charming fruitiness, respectively.

Peat Monster Arcana has a more oak frame than The Peat Monster, with a subtler smokiness. And though it may be inspired by the aracane, like all of our whiskies its intended purpose is perfectly straightforward.

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