Dahlia Tequila Cristalino

by Daniel Galyean

Today, founders of the award-winning Mezcal El Silencio, Fausto Zapata and Vicente Cisneros, announce their venture into the premium tequila category with the launch of Dahlia Cristalino.

Capturing the love, lust and beauty that the Dahlia flower embodies, each bottle of Tequila Dahlia Cristalino Reposado holds a bit of the mesmerizing magic that captivates admirers of the ancient blossom. The spirit is made by sourcing the estate-grown 100% Blue Weber Agave using sustainable production methods along with 6 months of aging in White American Oak barrels and an additional step of purification through an advanced charcoal filtration system. The result is a robust Reposado that maintains a clean, smooth flavor profile that is both masterful and modern while still embracing the authentic agave taste. Each sip more seductive than the last.

Hailing from Jalisco’s Tequila Valley, Dahlia’s journey begins with the finest estate grown 100% mature Blue Weber Agaves. Utilizing a meticulous production process, macerated agaves are cooked to optimize extraction while ensuring that no waste is left behind. The cooked agaves are then fermented using a proprietary yeast and expertly distilled to achieve Dahlia’s distinctively rich character and aroma. The resulting tequila is aged in fine White American Oak barrels for six months until it reaches the desired complexity of the most robust Reposados. The finishing step is purification through the most advanced activated charcoal filtration technology, reducing impurities and giving Dahlia its signature, clean flavor. The stunning bottle design, standing tall and emblazoned with an illustrious crown of agave spears, is reminiscent of a vintage perfume decanter – an invitation to the delicate bouquet that blossoms from within.

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