Bowmore Introduces The Timeless Series

by Daniel Galyean

For more than 240 years, the Bowmore Distillery has been capturing the essence of Islay from the shores of its remote island home. Now the brand is featuring masterpieces of whisky shaped by centuries of skill and tradition- Bowmore Timeless Series introduces two new additions this month: Bowmore Timeless 27 Year Old and Bowmore Timeless 31 Year Old.

The younger of the two expressions has matured in Sherry and ex-Bourbon casks for 15 years before its careful transfer to first-fill Oloroso butts for an additional 12 years. Bowmore 27 Year Old is bottled at cask strength and features a nose filled with scents of plum and prune jam, toffee, maple syrup and grilled orange peel along with the taste of rich sherry, sweet honey, fresh leather, tobacco and dark chocolate.

Bowmore 31 Year Old begins its journey in ex-Bourbon casks, selected at their prime of 29 years then they follow it up with two years in Spanish Oak Matusalem Sherry seasoned butts to ‘finish’. You will find lovely floral scents of gardenia, lily of the valley, freesia, and a hint of jasmine mixed with a wonderful sweetness of vanilla and honey and a touch of peppermint. The delicious bouquet continues on the palate with notes of sweet pea, magnolia, lilac mixed with a sweet and creamy cookie dough and a sprinkle of salted seaweed.

Bowmore celebrates the release of these iconic whiskies through their collaboration with independent French film director and artist, Thomas Vanz, who incorporates film and artwork to illustrate the power of time in the evolution of whisky.

These beautifully aged bottles from Bowmore Distillery are limited to just 3,000 bottles each, in every drop you will find a reflection of the brands legacy of patience, dedication, and unwavering attention to detail that is defined by the past and meant to be savored in the present.

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