Maker’s Mark Unveils 2021 Wood Finishing Series FAE-01

by Daniel Galyean

Maker’s Mark will be unveiling the latest release in their limited edition Wood Finishing Series in March of this year. The 2021 set, FAE-01 and FAE-02, were created to explore the wood’s impact on flavor and texture through the purposeful choices Maker’s Mark utilizes during production, including never chill-filtering and their wood stave-finishing technique.

The first limited release, FAE-01 will focus on the wood’s impact on flavor. The American oak stave used, was seared on one side and left raw on the other to amplify the signature dried fruit and oak flavors that the brand is known for. The particular attention to the charring of the barrel produces differing characteristics, the charred side offers dark leathery tobacco notes, and the raw side yields fresh fruit.

Jane Bowie, the Director of Innovation for the brand describes FAE-01 stating, “There’s tons of pleasantly dank wood and tobacco on the nose, and rich, warm raisin and fig on the tongue-it’s literally like sipping on angel’s share.”

This 2021 pair of limited edition Wood Finishing Series Bourbons are meant to complement each other with the Spring release of FAE-01 to focus on flavor and the Fall release of FAE-02 to be defined by its rich weighty texture. Each will tell very different sides of the same delicious story so be sure not to miss out on the chance to sip from both of these unique expressions.

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