Dewar’s Launches Japanese Smooth

by Daniel Galyean

Dewar’s Japanese Smooth is a result of finishing the brand’s signature 8 year old, double aged blend in Japanese Mizunara oak casks. The unexpectedly indulgent Dewar’s Japanese Smooth utilizes the oak of the Mizunara tree, the name which translates directly to water oak – a nod to the wood’s porous nature.

Given this unique characteristic, the Mizunara finish preserves the signature notes of heather and honey, whilst quietly imparting floral and complex woody notes of sandalwood and cinnamon. It takes about 200 years for the tree to grow for it to be successfully manipulated into casks. Thanks to this incredibly rare and premium material in the spirits industry, the finished product becomes a perfect study of balance, smoothness and the encapsulation of two distinct worlds coming together while providing a modest price point for the supremely smooth liquid.

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