Sugar House Distillery

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2212 S W Temple #14 , Utah 84115, United States

When James Fowler received federal approval to start Sugar House Distillery in 2013, his goal was to create a line of true grain-to-glass spirits. Choosing only the finest ingredients available in the industry—such as Grade A molasses for rum and locally-grown corn to make bourbon—the distillery team has made quality sourcing a priority from the start. In addition to hand-selected commercial yeasts for fermentation, senior distiller Eric Robinson has cultivated proprietary yeast strains at the distillery, further enhancing the aroma and depth of flavor evident in Sugar House Distillery products. Our experienced distilling team carefully monitors and balances the profile of each spirit every step of the way, taking only the vibrant heart of the spirit run, and bottling to proof in our distillery with the purest mountain water.