Espanita Tequila Review

by Daniel Galyean

Espanita Tequila is estate-bottled in one of Mexico’s esteemed artisanal distilleries. There, the individually harvested premium Blue Agave is prepared using methods that have carried through generations. Both of their matured expressions have been aged in ex-Bourbon barrels of lightly charred American white oak, which lends a silky mouthfeel and additional complexity of flavors that enhance the typical characteristics of an already exceptional tequila.

Espanita Reposado

Nose- subtle leather, air and earth after a fresh rainfall, rich agave, soft sweetness

Palate-smoke, heat, spice, simple syrup, candied fruit

Finish- smooth and full-bodied finish, leaves a nice buttery texture in the mouth along with a shift in flavors to a more honey-like sweetness followed by a lingering heat

Espanit Blanco

Nose- Sweet dried fruit, slight nuttiness, with stronger scents of roasting agave and pepper. Some sort of tangy herbal note emerges when swirled.

Palate- Light on the palate with a smooth texture. Flavors that remind me of warm oats and coconut cream with a faint drizzle of sweet chocolate and pure maple syrup.

Finish- An increasing warmth kicks in once swallowed that lingers with a delicious sugary flavor that begs for another sip.

Espanita Anejo

Nose- Wet charred wood, fresh cut grass and caramel.

Palate- Strong oak, ripe banana, red apple with honey

Finish- Sugary fruit like a freshly baked pie, warm and delicious, leaving a buttery heat that lingers.

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