Introducing Mijenta Tequila by Ana Maria Romero Mena

by Daniel Galyean

Mijenta, a new artisanal small batch tequila from the highlands of Jalisco, launches in the US today. Inspired by a shared cultural heritage, Mijenta offers a unique super premium spirit that is carefully crafted with a commitment to environmental sustainability and support for the local community. Mijenta is inspired by “Mi Gente” meaning “My People” and refers to a collective mindset, a way of being and a community of likeminded people who come together to celebrate life.

Mijenta is a new player with a unique proposition, that celebrates the traditions of Mexican culture and embodies the best of the land and its people. No other tequila looks like it or tastes like it.

The spirit’s unique journey begins with its passionate community of craftsmen and jimadores who have perfected the ancient art and love of harvesting agave over generations. Mijenta is crafted using the highest quality ingredients, including fully mature certified Blue Weber Agave from Mexico’s Maguey plants, which are grown in deep red clay soil and are only harvested at their ripest by a specialist team.

Mexico-based Maestra Tequilera, Ana Maria Romero, designed and oversaw the entire creation process, from harvest to bottle. One of the most trusted, respected and awarded tequila authorities in Mexico, Maestra Tequilera Romero brings over 25 years of experience in the tequila industry.

“It brings me great pleasure to be able to share our creation, Mijenta, with the world. Mijenta is meant to unite all kinds of people under the same flavor, whether it is for tasting, pairing with food or tasting with friends. Each element of the journey has been crafted in order to celebrate the best of the land and its people – from the earth that graces us with its gifts, to our community who share their skills, to our customers who give us their trust,”shares Romero.

Mike Dolan, former CEO of Bacardi joins Romero as Co-Founder and Lead Investor to help pave the way for Mijenta.

“It has been incredible to work closely with Ana Maria to foster her vision and help bring together the unique local ingredients, traditional storytelling and bespoke design elements that make up Mijenta for its launch in the U.S. Mijenta distinguishes itself first and foremost with its unparalleled tasting notes, but I’m extremely proud of the way this company does business, focusing on sustainability, community and support for local businesses throughout every step of the process. I’m excited to see where the next steps in our journey lead as we launch further expressions and reach new markets.”

Blanco, the first expression from Mijenta, presents the brand’s core offering. Priced at $50 and available online at ReserveBar and, Mijenta Blanco, offers the purest form of the agave plant and is a true expression of Mijenta’s quality and artistry. The Reposado, which is scheduled to launch at the end of 2020, is aged up to 6 months in oak casks, and will offer a softer and fuller expression of Mijenta. Two more expressions will be announced in the future.


The unique taste of Mijenta is a story that unfolds from within, which celebrates the agave and enhances its aromatic, sensual aromas. The outstanding tequila is bright and transparent with a powerful body that features, honey, vanilla, caramel and floral notes, along with flashes of tropical fruits such as peach, melon, pineapple and light touches of soursop. The palate confirms its olfactory promise, with a complex, silky and generous finale, perfected by Mijenta’s preeminent Maestra Tequilera.

Each element of the unique tequila crafting journey is carefully calibrated to create Mijenta’s signature aromatic palette. Mijenta exclusively uses fully mature, certified Blue Weber Agave from the highlands of Jalisco. It achieves its distinctive flavor profile through a meticulously slow process and traditional methods, ranging from the selection of agaves from the best plots, to rich fermentation of slow cooked unfiltered agaves to the delicate distillation and pot stills.  Precise cuts in the heads and tails of the plants help control temperatures and account for the cool mornings in the highlands.

Mijenta’s products are handmade, numbered, and embrace traditional methods, crafting excellence through a bespoke distillation process. Mijenta is harvested by a dedicated team of jimadores at higher elevations which produces a smoother tequila with more fruitiness.


Mijenta is built on the desire to maintain nature and all the wonders it has to offer, seeking to reverse environmental impact through actions carried out at all stages of the life cycle. That is why sustainability is at the heart of Mijenta’s process, including its design and packaging. All paper-related components (label and box) are made of agave waste and the organization actively supports local businesses and communities by purchasing all packaging elements from Mexico. From farm to bottle, Mijenta is committed to sustainable practices, minimizing our environmental impact, and maximizing the community’s energy efficiency.


Community runs central to Mijenta’s philosophy, and we are humbled to partner with some of the best and brightest at what they do. The Mijenta Foundation was created to support local members of the community – such as Don José Amezola García, a third generation jimador, and his son – in the protection and preservation of their ancestral skills. Mijenta works hand in hand with local businesses and communities, directly re-investing a portion of profits, offering healthcare assistance, and providing assistance for team members and their families.


Preserving and sharing the cultural heritage of the people of Jalisco’s history and traditions, Mijenta collects legends and myths that are centuries old and have been passed from farmers to jimadores and craftsmen to artists.

Notably, the “Centzon Totochtin” is a folk story that tells the legend of Mayahuel, the goddess of the agave plant, and Patecatl, the god of Pulque, whose union produced 400 mischievous rabbits with a taste for good company, good spirits and good times. This fable is the inspiration behind Mijenta’s logo. 

Legend says that when the sun secretly meets with the moon, the most beautiful maguey plants are born. When they grow, the fields blend with the sky and they become a mesmerizing gift to humankind. For centuries, loving hands of ancestral farmers carefully harvested the precious agave and turned it into a masterpiece.

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