Introducing WhistlePig The Boss Hog VII Magellan’s Atlantic

by Daniel Galyean

“Single Barrel, Bottled at Proof, Powerfully Complex, Distinctly Unique from Anything We’ve Done Before, and Stupendous.

The Boss Hog embodies our quest to create the finest and most interesting Rye Whiskey. The pursuit of this particular spice carries us to the very edges of the earth… as it did with the bottle’s namesake.”

In 1519, Ferdinand Magellan assembled an intrepid crew aboard five galleons in search of a western route to the Spice Islands~a mystical archipelago of modern-day Indonesia. That these men could make history as the first to circumnavigate the globe was anything but guaranteed. A perilous journey of unprecedented magnitude separated them from certain history.

Magellan’s Atlantic commemorates the first chapter of this inspired voyage: from Andalusian Spain to the coasts of Brazil and Argentina, where the fleet made landfall before navigating the strait that would come to bear their captain’s name.

After seventeen years of slumber in American Oak, The Boss Hog VII shifts course more than once before it’s ready to come aground. First it encounters new Spanish staves from the mountainous forests of northern Spain; a cask nearly impossible to tame yet well worth the effort. The rare oak imparts notes of cinnamon and allspice, dry yet rich and refined. A beautiful base, to be sure.

But the allure of continued discovery beckoned us onward. Crossing the Atlantic the liquid finds its finish in fragrant South American teakwood. With it, an added layer of spice and sophistication, resulting in a Rye that unfurls caraway and caramel in interlacing threads. A canvas capable of carrying you to a New World.

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