Legendary Rock Band KISS Releases Black Diamond Rum

by Daniel Galyean

Legendary rock icons KISS make waves on the Swedish drinks market with KISS Black Diamond – their premiere dark rum release under KISS Rum Kollection with seasoned spirits producer Brands For Fans.

KISS Black Diamond Premium Dark Rum is available to purchase online via the ordering assortment at Systembolaget in Sweden. Taking its name and character from the rock monolith that is the closing song on KISS’s eponymous debut album from 1974, KISS Black Diamond Premium Dark Rum is an exceptionally smooth blend of Caribbean cask rums aged up to 15 years and bottled at 40%.

To music & culture fans, KISS remains one of the most influential bands in the history of rock and roll after 45 years. To the same note, KISS Black Diamond Premium Dark Rum lives up to the band’s illustrious career with its dominant tasting profile. Leading with a nuanced aroma of pronounced oak character, the tones follow with distinct notes of dried fruit, butterscotch, vanilla and nuts. The palate is layered with a restrained sweetness and marked oak initially, followed by well-defined tones of dried apricot and dates, arrack, vanilla fudge, cinnamon and chocolate.

The label draws inspiration from the band’s early days, referencing both costumes and their iconic make-up, making it a pure treat for fans who grew up loving KISS and now discovering great rum.

“It’s an amazing match for a band who were pioneers both musically and visually in the world of rock ’n’ roll. This is our fourth rum in our portfolio, multiple of which have won awards in reputable global spirits competitions. With the success of these in mind, we feel confident about the future with KISS Black Diamond and KISS Rum Kollection. When I taste this rum by KISS and look at the bottle, I feel proud of what we’ve achieved with this product. It’s damn good. Listening to Black Diamond still gives me the chills, and the rum makes me just as excited!” – Sari H. Wilholm of Brands For Fans

KISS Black Diamond Premium Dark Rum is bottled at 40% abv in 500 ml and is available to order online via the ordering assortment. The retail price in Sweden is SEK 369,00.

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