Maker’s Mark Introduces Roasted French Mendiant Stave

by Daniel Galyean

Maker’s Mark Private Selection Program has introduced a new stave for the first time since the programs launch in 2015. The stave was given the name Roasted French Mendiant, after the traditional French confection that shares the same integral flavors such as chocolate, dried fruit, and nuts with the stave adding a kick of deep coffee flavor for good measure. The new stave learned a thing or two about what it takes to develop amazing taste components from its well loved older sibling, the Mocha stave. Playing on those beloved flavor cues the Roasted French Mendiant amplifies the notes of its essential ingredients to offer customers new combinations of taste profiles to explore as they create their own custom whisky. Roasted French Mendiant will be available as a stave option in February 2021, and will be replacing the Roasted French Mocha stave as one of the five proprietary stave types available to new Maker’s Mark Private Selection customers. Maker’s Mark lives in the spirit of innovation and the continued pursuit of new taste visions, join in their adventure as they continue to shake up the whisky world.

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