Norden Aquavit American Oak Reserve Review

by Daniel Galyean

Norden Aquavit American Oak Reserve is made with 100% organic mid-west grain spirits, pure Michigan water, and 10 botanicals that have been foraged locally or sourced from purveyors around the world. Each botanical is chosen for its outstanding flavor and aromatic attributes. The liquid is then allowed to rest in previously used American oak casks before being bottled at 107 proof and completely void of additional additives. This is aquavit in it’s truest form.

Norden Aquavit American Oak Reserve Tasting Notes

Nose: Freshly cut mint leaves, floral notes, light honey, hints of oak.

Palate: Heavy wafts of caraway hit the palate before the liquid even touches the tongue. Followed by mild citrus then lingering honey. The oak is very subtle yet adds a nice balance to the sweetness that dominates.

Finish: The liquid goes down very easy leaving a light honey and floral taste lingering until the next sip.

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