SNEAK PEEK: New Year, a New Templeton Straight Bourbon

by Phillip Galyean

Element Brand Group is thrilled to be working with Infinium Spirits’ prestigious Templeton Whiskey. We’re excited that our first announcement to kick off the new year is unveiling their Templeton Straight Bourbon – the inaugural whiskey out of Iowa’s own Templeton Distillery – launching May 2024.

Crafted with unyielding determination and FORTITUDE, the Templeton Straight Bourbon pays homage to the indomitable spirit of the 352 residents of Templeton, Iowa. Nestled in the shadows of Templeton Distillery, this whiskey is a testament to their strength.

Templeton’s relentless pursuit of excellence is evident in every drop of their distillate. Embracing Iowa roots, Templeton Bourbon is born from locally sourced corn, meticulously cultivated in collaboration with local farms within 15 miles of the Templeton Distillery.

Each sip encapsulates the essence of Templeton’s unwavering dedication to authenticity. This is a whiskey that demands attention, sip after sip – a true masterpiece capturing the heart and soul of Templeton Distillery. This inaugural distillate out of Templeton Distillery is more than a whiskey; it is a piece of history in every bottle.

Templeton Straight Bourbon – FORTITUDE

ABV /Proof: 46% /92
Mash Bill: 55% Corn, 40% Rye, 5% Malted Barley
Natural Colour and Non-Chill Filtered
Aged in American Oak Virgin Barrels / Char Level 4
Distilled at Templeton Distillery, Templeton, Iowa
Column and Copper Stills from Forsyths
Fermentation time : 3-4 Days
Yeast Strain: Fermentis Safspirit
Locally Sourced Iowa Corn: Within 15 Miles of Templeton Distillery

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