Stranahan’s Launches The Next Iteration of Its Coveted Diamond Peak – Diamond Peak Batch #2: Extra Añejo Cask

by Phillip Galyean

About Diamond Peak Batch #2: Extra Añejo Cask: Stranahan’s Colorado Whiskey further solidifies its status as an American Single Malt category leader and innovative whiskey distillery with its second annual release of Diamond Peak. As announced in 2022, Stranahan’s will release Diamond Peak into the market every year with a new limited-release creative cask finish that will push the boundaries of what consumers can expect from a refined American Whiskey.

Diamond Peak’s second unique release highlights flavors that transcend traditional whiskey. Using a marriage of 5-8 year Stranahan’s, the liquid spends up to just over 2 years in casks that previously held the finest extra añejo tequila, the prized Reserva de Familia® blended from the José Cuervo special family reserves. The resulting whiskey is a burst of brightness that’s herbal, peppery, and has just the right amount of agave sweetness.


Distillation: Distilled from 100% malted barley and handmade in small batches at the Stranahan’s
distillery, Colorado’s first legal distillery since Prohibition.

Maturation: A marriage of five to eight-year-old Stranahan’s American Single Malt Whiskey, initially
aged in virgin American Oak Barrels with #3 char.

Finish: Upon completion of the aging process, the whiskey is transferred into extra añejo tequila casks,
where the liquid is finished for up to a little over 2 years . The resulting taste is both rich as it is
complex, producing a mix of flavors and an ultra-smooth taste.

Cut: Cut to proof with pristine Rocky Mountain water from Eldorado Springs and non-chill filtered.

Liquid Profile:

Nose: Peppery and floral, softly layered with butterscotch

Palate: Herbal, salted caramel with a mellow oak backbone

Finish: Creamy malt fades into light agave sugar

Proof: Stranahan’s Extra Añejo Tequila Cask is bottled at 90 proof (45% ABV).

MSRP: $79.99 – $84.99 for a 750ml bottle.

About Reserva de la Famila®: Celebrating more than 200 years of tradition, Reserva de la Famila® is the finest aged tequila made by the José Cuervo family and was the first extra añejo tequila. Reserva de la Familia® is artfully blended from special family reserves that have been aged in oak barrels in their private cellar for years offering a rich, complex, and ultra-smooth flavor.

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