Whistling Andy

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8541 Montana Hwy 35 , Montana 59911, United States

Named for Brian Anderson father who was nicknamed ‘Whistling Andy’ during his time in the military. The distillery prides itself not only in producing award-winning spirits but in giving back to the community and the people of Montana.  Inspired by a great person and a small village in the mountains of Montana, Whistling Andy set out to begin distilling spirits from locally grown grains.  The American farmer is a crucial part of Montana and utilizing their crops has been a goal of Brian’s.

Whistling Andy meticulously handcrafts the finest in innovative and classic spirits using select local grains, local cherries, true first cut cane sugar and locally sourced botanicals whenever possible.  Unlike many grain to glass initiatives and high-class liquors, Whistling Andy is very innovative, even industry leading with their products.  Whether it’s finding age old recipes, or unique new blends derived from what’s in season, exciting products often come out of our distillery.