Samuels House: Eight Generations of Bourbon

by Josh Galyean

No, this isn’t some fantastical orphanage story of how a young boy named Samuel overcomes insurmountable odds to be adopted by a loving family after his third attempt. Although it would make for an inspirational book! This is the story of the Samuels family, eight generations of whisky makers and a beautifully restored manor house.

Eight generations of anything in the New World is quite a feat. When we think of multigenerational alcohol producers, perhaps Belgium brewers, French wineries or Japanese sake distilleries may come to mind. But eight generations of whisky located in the heartland of bourbonlandia? Wow! Robert Samuels Jr. inherited his grandfather’s whisky still and set out for Kentucky, a land flowing with milk, honey and in the near future, bourbon. No sooner had he settled down, than he was called forth by George Washington himself to provide liquid bread for the brave troops fighting for American liberation!

After the battles had ceased and the spilled blood had dried, was Robert able to return to his estate and family to continue the work his brother had continued in his absence. Henceforth, the work progressed down to this very day being passed down from generation to generation.

Cue the modern age of technological advances and Airbnbs. The original federal-style manor home constructed by John Samuels in 1820 is now back in business, fully restored and ready to accommodate you and your whisky glugging compatriots!

The manor, repurchased by the modernly abbreviated namesake Rob in 2020, boasts all the latest amenities required from any generation: wifi, gas grill, media/gaming basement, fire pit, premium whisky ice-making equipped fridge and more, all while retaining its historical and luxurious luster.

The vacation rental features accommodation for up to eight guests in three bedrooms. The rental for the whole premises could be outrageously charged if not for a kind family extending Southern hospitality to the weary traveler. Between eight people, a grand to 15 hundred is quite a steal for a freakin mansion all to yourself!

To make your stay even more delightful, add-on packages are available: Sipping and Storytelling with Bill Samuels Jr., A Maker’s Mark Whisky and Food Experience, VIP Daytime Experience at Maker’s Mark Distillery, VIP Nighttime Experience at Maker’s Mark Distillery and a Private Dinner with Chef Newman Miller.

Whether you’re a bourbon fan, an American history buff, or you just admire the cool red wax signature on the bottle cap and neck, you’ll enjoy this affordable and luxurious stay at The Samuels House!

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