That Boutique-y Whisky Company Release World Series of Whiskies

by Daniel Galyean

Following the success of the World Whisky Summit hosted by TBWC on World Whisky Day in May, the independent bottlers have announced they’ll be releasing a special batch of world whiskies, featuring many of the participating distilleries, as part of a new release strategy this month.

Traditionally TBWC have released their unique bottlings throughout the year when the liquid is available, but following a particularly busy 2019 and an unprecedented start to 2020, the brand have decided to focus on themed releases at set times throughout the year.

Dr Sam Simmons, Head of Whisky at Atom Brands said,

“The world wanted more Boutique-y so we delivered over 300 new batches reaching further around the world than ever before. But with all our time taken up with seeking out casks, bottling as many as we could and shipping them everywhere we could, we sacrificed a bit of the fun, and a lot of the focus.”

This new method will be part of a bigger marketing strategy and will coincide with live online tastings, interviews and a more in-depth involvement with the distilleries. The inaugural theme, ‘World Series’, is tied to the increase in consumers exploring new categories or ‘new world’ whiskies and going to great lengths to expand their whisky horizons, with contemporary whisky growing at 32% in 2018*.

TBWC have successfully brought together the whisky world firstly in the bottling of their World Whisky Blend, which will be featured in this batch of releases, and by bottling some truly worldly distilleries including Nantou in Taiwan, Armorik in France, Copperworks in the USA, Penderyn in

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Wales, Langatun in Switzerland, Millstone in the Netherlands, Paul John in India, Elsburn in Germany and Mackmyra in Sweden.

The independent bottler’s aim with the World Whisky Summit and the subsequent bottlings has been to give these smaller craft distilleries a platform to reach the whisky community globally.

Jen Ghosh, TBWC Global Brand Manager, said,

“The world of Boutique-y Whisky is a beautiful one, and has been a busy one. In 2019, we released a significant number of bottlings and the whisky world couldn’t keep up. At times, neither could we! It meant delicious small-batch bottlings for many but, not enough time for Boutique-y storytelling.

This new way of releasing Boutique-y Whisky hopes to whet the appetite of drinkers looking for discovery and whisky adventure. Whilst also allowing us the opportunity to delight them with collectability, live tastings and digital content! There are no strict rules (of course), our themed releases might be grouped by producer, region, style, flavour or like this inaugural series, by the way we see the whisky category: as a world of limitless potential and delicious possibilities.”

Ahead of the World Series launch and as a way to make room for these new exciting bottlings, TBWC is running a BIG Thank You Sale on ​Master of Malt​ with significant discounts across selected expressions and will continue to do so until stocks are gone. As TBWC bottle in batches this will be the last chance to try some of these exclusive limited editions.

As for the next batch of releases, we can’t say too much except that it will be rye-diculous…

That Boutique-y World Series Collection Lineup:

Armorik 7YO: RRP £61.95

Copperworks 3YO: RRP £64.95

Penderyn 6YO: RRP £64.95

Nantou 4YO: RRP £69.95

Elsburn 7YO: RRP £139.95

Langatun 5YO: RRP £89.95

Millstone 4YO: RRP £49.95

Mackmyra 5YO: RRP £67.95

Paul John 6Y0: RRP £97.95

World Whisky Blend: RRP £32.95

The full World Series lineup will be available at Master of Malt from the 4th August 2020.

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