Ardbeg Blaaack Review

by Daniel Galyean

Who would have thought that Pinot and Peat could combine so seamlessly? Ardbeg is continuing their tradition of releasing a special Limited Edition bottle on Ardbeg day for their committee members, which currently numbers around 120,000 worldwide. This year, in celebration of the committee’s 20th anniversary, Ardbeg has created a truly unique spirit by introducing Pinot Noir casks to their finishing process. The matured whisky is allowed to settle in the New Zealand sourced wine casks for an additional 5 years, doing so allows the whisky to soak in subtle nuances from the Pinot that develop into a cohesive marriage of the flavor profiles from each spirit. Every sip lingers on the palate just enough to evoke its invisible force to guide your glass back up for just one more taste.

Ardbeb Blaaack Tasting Notes

Nose- Filled with peat and damp wood as if you were stepping slowly through a dew covered forest. Then fresh scents of leather and black pepper join you.

Palate- A crisp earthiness combines surprisingly well with sweeter notes of chocolate and honey.

Finish- Smooth lingering smoke and slow burning wood together with an almost sherry sweetness that leaves behind a warm soothing sensation like a crackling fire on a winters day.

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