The Last Drop 50 Year Old Blended Scotch Whisky

by Daniel Galyean

LOUISVILLE, KY (July 14, 2021) The Last Drop, curators of the world’s most remarkable spirits, is thrilled to introduce its inaugural Signature Blend, The Last Drop 50 Year Old Signature Blended Scotch Whisky. Created by Master Blender Colin J.P. Scott, the release marks the brand’s first foray into the creation – as well as curation – of extraordinary aged spirits. Limited to just 500 bottles worldwide, this distinct blend will be available in the U.S. at an SRP of $4,250 (750ml/47.8% ABV) as of mid-July 2021.

Since its inception, The Last Drop’s philosophy has been to source rare casks, evaluate the spirit and lay down only the finest casks that are both exceptional and suitable for long maturation. By delving into The Last Drop’s inventory to assess the treasures lying within the casks, and using his vast experience, Scott has created an unparalleled blend of malt and grain Scotch whiskies, all of which have aged for at least 50 years.

“For centuries, Scotland’s finest malt and grain distilleries have been distilling unique spirits and laying them in casks for the future,” says Colin Scott, master blender for The Last Drop. “Yet in my half-century career, this is only my second 50-year-old blend, as access to these exceptional liquids is rare. I’m immensely proud of the complexity of this whisky as well as its significance as my inaugural release as The Last Drop’s master blender and our first Signature Blend.”

Presenting smooth, rich flavors from all corners of Scotland, this sumptuous whisky’s journey to maturity began as new distillates of single malts and grains that were filled into casks more than 50 years ago. Over time, malt and grain whiskies have been selected and special blends created to be secured in bourbon and sherry oak casks for further maturation. Final selections were made from these aged casks of malts, grains and aged blends, which were blended together to create this remarkable 50-year-old blend. As expected for a whisky that has experienced such patient maturation, the resulting liquid is rich and luxurious, yet retains a balance and freshness that belies its age, with dried fruits and scented floral notes enhanced with sweet spices and creamy toffee.

The 22nd release, The Last Drop 50 Year Old Signature Blended Scotch Whisky marks the brand’s evolution from rare spirit hunting into creation as the first debut from The Signature Blend Series. Future expressions will be created in partnership with “The Assembly,” The Last Drop’s newly formed coalition of experts drawn from across the spirits industry, each a renowned world-leader in their own category. These personal, limited-edition creations will sit alongside traditional curated releases to create a genuinely remarkable collection of Last Drop bottlings.

“Our goal has always been to find casks that have been forgotten or perhaps just contained too little liquid to be considered worthy of bottling,” says Rebecca Jago, managing director for The Last Drop. “These bottles are like museum pieces, but something you can taste, savor and enjoy. Now, with the help of our new master blender and Assembly members, we are progressing from curation to creation by using some of the barrels we have found to create very old – but also completely new – spirits.”

Joining Colin Scott in The Last Drop’s evolution are five additional founding members of The Assembly including Drew Mayville, master blender & director of quality, Sazerac Company, Richard Seale, master distiller & blender, Foursquare Rum, Louise McGuane, owner & bonder, JJ Corry Irish Whiskey, Michael D’Souza, master distiller & blender, Paul John Indian Whisky and Denis Lahouratate, cellar master, Domaine de Sazerac, Cognac.

The Last Drop 50 Year Old Signature Blended Scotch Whisky will be available in the United States at an SRP of $4,250 (including VAT) as of mid-July 2021 via and fine spirits retailers.


Tasting Notes: The Last Drop 50 Year Old Signature Blended Scotch Whisky, 47.8% Abv

COLOR: Liquid amber and gold; a rich, warm color speaking of whiskies matured in both bourbon and sherry casks.

NOSE: A light prickle that tempts exploration, featuring a hint of smokey peat from the islands tempered by floral notes alongside vanilla, toast and dried fruit.

TASTE: Rich, soft, smooth, full and fruity: on the palate an explosion of dried apricots, apples and prunes. A rich, creamy texture coats the mouth with sweet and spicy notes, the nuttiness of almonds and surprising hints of liquorice.

FINISH: Long, lingering aftertaste, with oaky notes.


The Bottle Presentation

Each 750ml bottle of The Last Drop 50 Year Old Signature Blended Scotch Whisky is individually numbered and bears Colin Scott’s physical signature. As with all Last Drop releases, each comes packaged in a signature red leather case with a 50ml miniature for private enjoyment, certificate of bottling and pocket-sized tasting book.


About Colin J.P. Scott, Master Blender, The Last Drop

With a career spanning over 50 years in the whisky industry, Colin Scott joined The Last Drop in 2020 after a distinguished career as Master Blender for Chivas Brothers, where he created Chivas Regal 18 Year Old alongside the founders of The Last Drop, James Espey and Tom Jago. Growing up next to an Orkney distillery, Scott developed an early passion for whisky and followed in the footsteps of his father and grandfather, who also dedicated their lives to Scotch whisky. In addition to the Chivas Regal 18 Year Old, Scott’s career milestones include creating the Original Legend – Chivas Regal 25 Year Old and expanding the Royal Salute range with the 38 Year Old Stone of Destiny, Tribute to Honour, 62 Gun Salute, 100 Casks Selection and Diamond Tribute expressions.


About The Last Drop Distillers

The Last Drop Distillers was founded by two icons of the spirits industry, Tom Jago and James Espey with over 150 years of experience between them. Their aim was to curate the world’s most remarkable spirits by finding treasures across aged spirit categories and sharing them with those who seek the genuinely extraordinary.  This passion for exploration and discovery continued under the careful direction of Tom and James’ daughters: Rebecca Jago and Beanie Geraedts-Espey who joined The Last Drop in 2014 to help bring their fathers’ vision to a wider audience.  In 2016, The Last Drop was acquired by the Sazerac Company, one of America’s oldest private, family-owned, distillers. Rebecca continues to lead The Last Drop as Managing Director. Since the company was founded in 2008, The Last Drop Distillers has released just 22 limited bottlings across Scotch Whisky, Cognac, Bourbon and Rum, comprising fewer than 10,000 bottles to date. Striving for nothing less than the remarkable in the spirits they curate, the company’s unwavering commitment is to the quality of the liquid. For more information about The Last Drop visit  and @lastdropdistillers. For more information about Sazerac visit

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