The Macallan Unveils Fine & Rare Collection 1993 Edition 27 Year Old

by Daniel Galyean

With fifty-seven vintages, The Macallan Fine & Rare Collection marks its largest array since the inception of the collection twenty years ago. Today, The Macallan unveils the latest expression of this iconic collection: The 1993 Edition. The newest expression joins its storied predecessors, each completely individual but unmistakably The Macallan. Spanning eight decades from 1926 to 1993, each with a timeless story to share, the Fine & Rare Collection is the spirit of the Twentieth Century.


The Macallan Fine & Rare Collection stretches back to 1926 and continues to its newest 1993 release. As a collection, these bottlings provide a glimpse into the decades that marks their labels. Over the years, the Fine & Rare Collection has underpinned The Macallan as the one of the world’s most valuable and collectible single malt whiskies, sweeping auctions around the world. Available in very limited quantities, the Collection’s vintages come predominantly from single casks.


To capture the essence of the Fine & Rare Collection and the history of each decade from which they derive, one of the world’s leading fashion photographers, Tim Walker, whose work has graced the pages of renowned publications for years, journeyed to The Macallan Estate on the banks of Scotland’s River Spey.

For the 1993 Edition, Walker posed the bottle with a bird’s nest, weathered twine, the handpiece of a clock, and flowers, among other details, against a backdrop of shadowed sky blue. The portrait is a love letter to the 1990s, which witnessed the coming of the Internet and the advent of the environmental movement, as well as to Speyside and the Highlands, and hints at the passage of time. Each vintage and according decade is uniquely represented through Walker’s artistic lens.

“With fifty-seven vintages released over eight decades, the iconic Fine & Rare Collection is a culmination of the work by many men and women dating back to the early Twentieth Century,” said David Cox, Former Director, The Macallan Fine & Rare. “We felt now was the time to look back to the introduction of this collection of old and rare whiskies, the likes of which had never been seen before, and to remind ourselves of what this historic collection represents, both now and for the future.”

As architect and the Former Director of The Macallan Fine & Rare, David Cox provides a poetic look into the history and heritage of this unprecedented range of single malts in a film available on Shot at The Macallan Estate, the film journeys through time, to the soul of The Macallan, encompassing the spirit of the Fine & Rare Collection.

The Fine & Rare Collection is a true symbol of time honored craft and The Edition 1993 is no exception.

Matured in a single sherry seasoned American oak hogshead cask for 27 years, this exquisite single malt was distilled at a time in which concern for the planet was on the rise, but on The Macallan Estate this was nothing new. For nearly 200 years The Macallan has been intrinsically connected to nature and in 1993, as now, this single malt revelled in its natural home, beside the River Spey, in a peaceful, rural setting. With only 256 bottles available, the 1993 Edition joins a truly exquisite collection of single malts.

The Macallan 1993 Edition will be available globally starting October 21, 2020 for an SRP of $18,000. For purchasing inquiries, please email: For further information or to view our digital Fine & Rare Guide, visit

The Macallan 1993 Edition Tasting Notes:
ABV: 50.2%
Color: Warm mahogany
Aroma: Vanilla fudge, citrus merge with bright fruits of red cherry, plum and peach. A rich fig and spiced combination of cinnamon and ginger. Hints of salted popcorn combined with peach, figs and cherries. Rich antique oak leather and cigar box.
Palate: Sweet oak, combined with rich dark chocolate. Caramelized grapefruit blends into vanilla. Moving into wood spices of ginger, hints of citrus and a light liquorice, antique oak, mint, forest fruits and dark chocolate.
Finish: Long with a rich ginger and chocolatey intensity.

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