Cincoro Tequila | Michael Jordan’s Tequila

by Daniel Galyean

UPDATE: Cincoro Tequila has officially launched and is available for purchase online and in select stores. Read below to find out where to buy Cincoro Tequila Online.

New’s has been circulating that Michael Jordan is teaming up with four former basketball rivals to release a new brand of tequila called Cincoro Tequila. As of today, Cincoro’s website is not live but Cincoro Tequila is available for purchase online from multiple online retailers. The lineup is comprised of the following:

Cincoro Tequila Reposado: $88.99

Cincoro Tequila Blanco: $68.99

Cincoro Tequila Anejo: $128.99

Cincoro Tequila Extra Anejo: $1499.99

UPDATE: We’ve been able to get an official brand description below.

From Cincoro – “Introducing Cincoro Tequila created by five basketball rivals turned friends. Uniquely and artfully blended with both lowland and highland tequilas into a single exceptional tequila; naturally rich and delicious, complex flavors with a smooth long finish, capturing the essence of both appellations.”

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